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Carbon Unwind is a sleep and meditation app with a strong focus on nature and the outdoors. We feature stories and visualizations from around the world to help you relax, breathe, & Unwind. If you are looking for a natural reset, this is it!

We are proud to offer Unwind Premium memberships at a discounted rate to businesses, corporations and organizations looking to enhance the lives of their people. Please click here to get more information on our Employee Benefits Program and Corporate Memberships!

You can create an account while you are in the Unwind app, it only take a minute! Under “Login/Sign Up” in the menu you’ll see “Create New Account”. When you create your Unwind account, you’ll be able to save the content you enjoy to your Favorites section for easy accessibility. We will also be adding new features that are only available for account holders, so be sure to login and watch for updates.

There are many benefits to getting good quality sleep, including a healthier immune system, increased metabolism, and better overall health. And a daily meditation practice has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve relationships, and increase focus and feelings of gratitude. At Unwind we have a library full of sleep stories, meditations, and even a kids section for your little ones. If you are interested in waking up in a more meaningful way, learning to take deep breaths during stressful moments, or getting better sleep at night, Unwind can help you with all of the above! We leave some of our content “Unlocked” so you can try it for free, and by unlocking the app you will enjoy the full benefits of the Unwind library!

To recover your password, go into the app and tap the "Forgot Password" button on the login screen. That will bring up a form to enter your email and submit. You'll then receive an email with a link to a web page where you can reset your password.

To purchase an Unwind Premium Upgrade you can go into the app and click on any piece of content that has a Lock symbol on it. You’ll see a screen pop up that prompts you tp Subscribe to either a monthly or yearly account. After you complete the information on the screen, you’ll automatically receive a free 7 day trial to test out the app before you are charged.

The current price for a Premium Membership to Unwind is $4.99/month or $44.99/ year.

Yes, if you sign into your Carbon Unwind account and have the app downloaded on multiple devices, you can access our content from multiple phones and/or tablets.

Our Headquarters are located just outside of Detroit Michigan.

Please email Support

Our Founders name is Julie McQueen, and aside from being the visionary for our company, she also writes some of the meditation content that you’ll find on our app!

The idea for Carbon Unwind occurred in late 2019 when Julie realized that there were very few options for sleep stories and meditations that focused on nature and the outdoors. In March of 2020, during the beginning of the global pandemic, she organized and assembled part of her team to begin working on what would become Carbon Unwind. Everybody worked together to create this beautiful app, curate the content, and deliver it to the world. The app officially launched in September 2020, just 6 months after the initial design phases had begun.